On the Hungarian wine market since 1989

Boranal Kft. was established in 1989. At that time, we were the first exclusively privately owned winemaking company in our country. As a lowland winery, we consider it important to promote domestic wines, especially Kunság wines. We are constantly developing our winery, which is why we are now the most modernly equipped winery in our country.
Our offer includes, among other things, many internationally recognized, high-quality world varieties, but we also pay a lot of attention to traditional Hungarian wine varieties. In addition to wines, we have been selling champagne since 2006, and our product range also includes sparkling lemonade, which is gaining more and more popularity among young people.


We are also a key player in several foreign markets – we supply 52 percent of Hungarian wine exports to Russia, and we are also the market leader in bottled Hungarian wines in the Czech Republic, Belarus and Malaysia.

Domestic consumers are not yet familiar with our wine industry, as we have focused on exports since the beginning. At the same time, we felt that we wanted to make our special wine range available to the domestic market as well.

We buy the produce of our vineyard of nearly 100 hectares and another 500 hectares from small producers. We only use domestic, self-processed grapes, we do not buy imported wines.

Take a look at our website and get to know our quality wine varieties, which will surely make your everyday special!